5K Video Nozzle
Weight 4 1/2LBS
Automatic Cloud upload when charging

Screws on Jetter Hose the Same as Cleaning Nozzle

GoPro Technology is the fast, easy way to see what you’re jetting

The price makes it affordable enough to put on every cleaning truck or trailer jetter to capture GoPro quality, high-value sewer video inspection of pipe condition.

  • Confirm sewer cleaning using before/after footage
  • Save time and money by assessing pipe without a CCTV truck
  • Select your cleaning nozzle after identifying gravel, grease, mud, roots or sludge
  • (Assess) condition and locate offsets, collapses, infiltration
  • Avoid hazards, collapses, protruding taps, root balls and anything else that could trap your cleaning nozzle
  • Safely and simply check for cross bores before root cutting

Use your phone as a remote to control your GoPro

GP Sewer Cam

With its Simplicity and Rugged Design, Using GoPro Technology and Features,
GP Sewer Cam Brings You Critical Information About Pipe Condition

When the crew worker in the field can see what he’s jetting all by himself using GoPro technology and smartphone, he can make smarter choices and instantly text or email footage to the supervisor and complete more jobs, faster.


The General Purpose Sewer Cam was developed to be a simple, rugged and cost effective Right-Away Tool for use on every jetting truck and trailer jetter in the field.

The operational advantages of the design easily returns the original investment plus time and labor savings to municipal operating budgets.

For independent contractors such as plumbers, and private jetting companies, The General Purpose Sewer Cam is a must-have tool for diagnosis, verification and documentation of all jobs.

Operational Benefits

  • No service, no downtime
  • Instant confirmation & verification of obstruction and post-remediation verification in 5K video
  • Text or email supervisor video or pictures from the field.
  • Access them from the cloud (requires GoPro Plus subscription)
  • Simple for the field worker to use, integrates with your jetter, GPM and PSI
  • Affordable enough to equip every jetting truck or trailer jetter in the fleet